Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Makeup Geek: Meet A 17 Years Old Makeup Artist

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Hope you doing well. My busy routine has started again coz college is on full swing so I would be less active on social media and I really am regretting being a college girl.

The post is little unusual from the ones I usually do. Today you all will be meeting with the rising talent of my country. Meet Faryal Shahid, a 17 years old self taught makeup artist. She mixes makeup with art and beautify it. Before telling more about her, let me show some of her work:


Looking at her pictures, just one question in mind, HOW YOU DO THAT, GIRL?





I asked her some quick questions and here what she has to say:

Q: What made you start mixing art and makeup?

We have a large number of talent in here, Pakistan but there's literally no one to give them coverage or bring them at a place they deserve. Faryal Shahid is one of the talents who need proper recognition in the world of makeup. She runs an instagram account where she post her makeup. Girls, you need to follow her right now in here. She's so perfect. I know you're gonna fall in love with her flawless art. 

And YAASS! It's 14th august coming. What are your preparations for it? Do comment below :) Till then BYE!

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8 Statements:

  1. This girl is sure talented. Yes, her work is different. With a little training from my professional makeup artist she could come across right people value her work.

    1. Correction: training from a professional makeup artist. :-)

  2. Wow what a very talented girl, her make up is quite interesting. Not really my style but I don't actually wear any make up due to skin allergies.

  3. Very talented. These are unique and creative looks!

  4. No one can even tell how young she is, seeing her talent it really hard to predict that she's a 12th grad student! The last look is my fabulous too!

  5. Oh wow, She really does have a lot of talent. Yes I agree it really is quite hard for a lot of makeup artists tk get noticed

  6. Such a talented and young make up artist. Wishing her all the best

  7. Such a hard work and so interesting too...looks like an art rather than make up....


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