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Tips To Select Shoes For An Outfit

Hey Girls! 

How are you? Following the trend.!! Right? Haha :D I am in too!
Wearing the perfect pair of shoes with an outfit is quite unusual everytime we go out but why to wear the same everytime according to the outfit? 

This blog will let you know what color you must choose in wearing shoes according to the outfit..So,Here we go:

  1. Add Some Zest To Your Plain Outfit By Wearing:
Brighter Shoes!! 

  •      Yeah! Wearing the same color shoe with your very plain outfit gives a kind of strange look.I don't know why but I tried this once and I was unpleased with the look but plain outfit will look more passionate with brighter color shoes like red heel with black or brown dress.
  • It will give a brighter look to your dress.
  2. Avoid Strict Color Matching:

  • Do not wear one solid color from head to toe.It will give you a uni formic look (Even uniforms have different shoes)
  • Wear a combo! Like blue with pink shoes :)
 3. Try Different Shades:

  • Remember fashion police don't charge you anything so wear different shades of the same color.
  • Like For Baby pink top you can wear rose-flats and it will look adorable!
 4. Choose Right Shoes For The Season:

  • Always keep in mind if it's summer don't wear the boots and  loafers.Try to wear light shoes.It gives a cool look.
  • Be flexible in spring.You can wear the same as summer co'z the difference doesn't really matter in both.
  • Avoid sandals in the autumn.
  • Choose practical shoes for winters unlike summer. 
 5. Never Choose Heels For:

Professional settings.

  • Avoid strappy designs of heels if you are a professional lady.
  • Wear simple flats or sandals for it.It will give a more decent look.

This is all for today! Hope you enjoyed the tips.See you soon in the next :)

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