Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Ideas for better foot wear this Eid

Eid is knocking at our door but we cannot open the door till we are done with our most important thing SHOPPPINGGG. Right? Right. I recently wrote blog on 6 tips to avoid being pick-pocketed during shopping,have you read? No? very bad,you can read it here

Almost everyone is done with shopping stuff but did you shop as per the trend now a days? If you did'nt shop uptill now so let me give you some ideas or suggestions about which type of footwear you should wear this Eid,So here we go.

Red Pumps:

After heels,pumps are my ever favourite.And when the color is red I really don't compromise on buying them and most effective thing is flat pumps are the part of trend now a days.Red pumpies are much suitable for western clothes because it give a cool look but it will also not look bad with eastern one (After all the color is my favourite).
The colors like pink,orange,black and white,neutrals,navy blue looks perfect with these seriously so you must try them once.

Black and Brown Pumpies with Heels:

Black always look great with every color and mostly girls have a mental craze of wearing black. Haha,yes some girls do love black more than any color but this is natural.This color is good in every sense.Whether you wear it as clothes,scarfs,dupattas and the main shoes.And when talking about brown its chocolaty shade is one of my favourites.I go for this color after red.This color of shoes are cute and looks goodwith certain colors like light blue,black,army green,cream color,light pink, and camel color.

VALENTINO'S Red heels:

Effective yet interesting.These pumps are unique so I decided to share my heels with you.And of course Valentino is famous for their new style shoes and pumps.This is the brand I actually use for my shoes because its simple,classy,comfortable and beautiful.These are rock stud. I am seriously in love with them.You must try it,because it's new and stylish.You can buy them from malls you usually go for shopping but you may not find them in local street markets.People of any age can wear them because these are also available in flats so you can buy it for your mother,grand mother or anyone close to you.

Must try these.These are the trend nowadays.You may find it difficultly after Eid so what are you waiting for? Ask your mum to leave her work and take her for shopping.She would be happy that you are growing intelligent.Make her wear the best this Eid.

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